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EC Info/Pricing

Early Childhood Portraits





By registering your child, you are ensuring that you receive all important information regarding their Early Childhood Portraits. This includes order deadlines, delivery dates and more.  You're also giving me the chance to get to know your child a little better before photographing them.  :)



All Galleries are posted for about 7-10 days depending on your program and my schedule.  


Your child's portraits are edited, printed, packaged and delivered along side all other orders from their Centre. Orders that come in on time will be delivered free of charge to the Centre. Late orders are happily accepted, but will be charged an additional $10 to cover the cost of delivery.  



I love sibling photos! There is such a unique relationship and an amazing connection shared between siblings. Please contact me through the site with your request and tell your child's Centre that you would like to request photos of your children together. Sometimes time does not allow for this (even when requested), but we will always try to fit these special shots in. If we are unable to photograph your children together during my visit to the Centre, I do book family portrait sessions where their special bond can be documented.



Galleries are "as is".  Cropping, edits and colour choices are up to the discretion of the photographer. Please feel free to email or telephone with any questions. Requests MUST be made through the Contact Form on site.  Requests MUST be confirmed before order is placed.  An hourly rate may be charged depending on the request. It is often not possible to change an order once placed, especially after 48 hours.  We do our very best to work together. :)