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Info for ECE's


Early Childhood Portraits Information.

Who: Your Child.

What: Photographing your child.  Respectfully and Playfully.

Where: At your child's early learning facility.

When: Weekday mornings.

Why: To honour childhood.   


Hi ECE's Thank you for valuing connection and the real moments of childhood.

I am an ECE too!  When I photograph the children in your care, I am very aware of the environment I'm in.  I follow your lead and adapt to the culture of your Centre.  

I love observing what emerges organically from play and connection.  That is the most natural way for me to photograph children.  My sessions are a balance between guiding, asking and turn taking to non verbally engaging with a child in a completely play based way and seeing what develops.  I'm most comfortable with observing what emerges throughout the morning and capturing real moments.  I do have to balance that with the reality that parents are expecting a gallery of photos and my time at your Centre is limited.  

I arrive at your Centre around the time you’ve finished morning snack.  I ask that one staff “buddies” with me so that I have a “go to” for questions.  The children see that I’m a part of all fun things early childhood and the camera really just disappears.

*When photographing indoors, I rely on natural light so a big window as a light source is necessary. 

*Fall is a very sought after time for EC Portraits.  If your Centre enjoys a slower pace and the sessions to be more photojournalistic/play based, please consider booking in Spring/Summer/Winter.

The paperwork:

The paperwork is short and sweet.  Once we confirm the date, I ask that an email is sent out to parents/guardians with a link to reserve their ECP Session online.  I request that a staff go through the images with me and together we write down the image number that corresponds with the child.  Takes 5 minutes per group.

Parents/Caregivers are given a code to a private online gallery that you give hand out once photos are ready to view.  Orders are placed online. Payments are made online/or collected in your office. 

Printed photos are delivered to Centre.  Digital images via Digital Download with a link to download on receipt.

To support your program, a collection of photos are donated for Centre use. That way ALL children are included. These photos are as much about the experience as they are about the final product of the portrait.

My priority is to make beautiful images of children in a comfortable, safe and connected way.  That being emphasized; I am so happy to take sibling photos if time and the programming of your Centre allows.  

Please contact with any questions.  It is important that Early Childhood Portraits are accessible to ALL Centres; children and families.