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E.C. Portraits

Children's Portrait Photography - where they play.  

The Early Childhood Portrait Experience:


Early Childhood Portraits Information.

Who: Your child.

What: Photographing your child; respectfully & playfully.  

Where: Your child's early learning facility.

When: Weekday mornings.

Why: To document who they are in a moment.  To see their spark.  To honour childhood.   


Children are photographed alongside their ECE’s who they know and trust. I visit your child’s Centre and engage with the children. We spend our session in playful conversation or just being playful.  The photos are a reflection of your child made in a comfortable and relaxed portrait setting.  

Every child's parent/guardian must RSVP for their child's Early Childhood Portrait session prior to picture day. This is to ensure there is proper time allotted for each child and the morning is not rushed.  Parents will receive a confidential access code to view images on a private website gallery. The galleries are typically ready in about two weeks with the following week to order.

Proofs.  I aim for 4 proofs of each and every child.  I spend my time connecting with the children and his/her ECE's.  No bribing or forcing a smile happening in EC Portraits!  So depending on the day, year, if the sky is blue or a million other things the number of proofs vary between children and from year to year.  Everyone leaves feeling good about photos, the experience and themselves. That's my goal!  The images are the product of the fun we've had!


To receive Early Childhood Portraits:

1. RSVP for your Early Childhood Portrait Session before picture day.

2. Kindly allow 2 weeks to edit and arrange your child's gallery!  It takes some time, but I do put my heart and soul into photographing your child; as well as preparing their galleries for you!  :)


You will receive a confidential access code to view your child's portraits on a private website gallery. Order within the deadline to receive free delivery to your Centre.


You may pay online, or you can submit payment to the office of your child’s Centre. Printed photos are delivered to your child’s Centre and individual digital images are sent immediately via Download through a link on your receipt.


Place your order before your Centre's deadline to receive free delivery! 


Package A

3- 5x7 



Package B

12- 5x7's 

Digitals of every printed image.



Package C

12 - 5x7's

3 - 11x14's 

Digitals of every printed image.



Individual Prints

5x7 - $12

8x10 - $32

11x14 - $55


Digital Download



Pricing includes sitting fee and online gallery! :)